Extreme Access has been trading for 14 years, with a variety of projects and access means, we have the ability to use the safest and most cost effective methods to suit our clients and budgets, in house.


refurbishment via Industrial abseiling

Extreme access was set up as an Industrial abseiling company resolving hard to reach and costly access locations for day to day repairs and refurbishment projects. Industrial abseiling is now becoming a more recognised and effective method of access to surveyors on major works projects throughout the UK 


refurbishment via traditional means

We recognised some projects/ Clients deem it necessary for more traditional methods of access for projects and repairs, Extreme Access have the in-house capability and relevant trained personnel to complete projects with scaffolding and cherry pickers where necessary. Working with surveyors under CDM regulations on major projects throughout London and the South.  

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Internal refurbishments

Following numerous projects involving internal and external requirements Extreme Access now have the In-house ability to cater for internal refurbishments and fit outs throughout London and the South. 


Day to Day Call outs / Emergency Repairs

Having the ability to combine Abseil access and traditional means we are the ideal contractor for a fast and reactive maintenance. From roofing works to leak investigation/ repairs our tradesmen cover all external aspects for our clients.  



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Difficult Access

With numerous years of experience within the access industry we have resolved numerous insulation's and hard to reach projects from full building banner wraps to internal ductwork cleaning our personnel have years of experience in resolving numerous projects.