Oval main.jpg

the Oval - Sign installation

Working at the Oval was a nice change to the typical London streets, our personnel were utilised for installation of media signs in numerous locations

UIS main 5.jpg

London - Building Wrap Removal

A long lasting building wrap needed the experience of our personnel to safety remove and lower to remove from site. A well timed and executed removal for all

Picture 035.jpg

Slough Trading estate - Sign Installation

Company Sign installation is a common call out for Extreme Access, this was one of our many awkward access situations with minimal options for installation, abseiling was the only way


London - 2 x Banner Installation

Installations on sites within London is common and health and safety is paramount for any works in such areas. A common site media install for Extreme Access

Elektron main pic4.jpg

Docklands - Banner installation

Site installations overlooking the Millennium dome made for  good back drop to this new sites media installations. Planning and installing banner installs within the basic core of the building was a change for our teams

Cardif strip main pic2.jpg

Cardiff Business Centre - Strip banner install

Installations come in many different styles. Installing and bolting supports and hanging devices is all within our capability’s